Standardise your worldwide customer training

Do you offer your customers regular training courses and information events on your existing and new products?

Do you have to ship your products worldwide to make such training possible?

The MyLiveZone infrastructure and visualisation platform offers you the opportunity to provide this service to your premium customers in a better and more cost-effective way.
For example, for a global corporation in the electronics sector we were able to set up an online training centre for a total of four overall subject areas in order to conduct training courses and testing for new hardware and software solutions with customers and employees worldwide.

Reduce investment and maintenance costs thanks to MyLiveZone

The customer was able to reduce its investment costs by 80%, as only one online training centre had to be set up instead of several decentralised training centres.
In addition, from now on there will be 90% lower costs for the updates of the training stations, as these are no longer decentralised.
The customer was also able to record an increase in terms of quality, since the training events can now take place worldwide in a standardised manner under the same conditions.

Another advantage is that individual online training stations for individual testing of new software or products can be carried out with customers or employees.
Furthermore, new products are now available for training even before the first delivery.
Accordingly, from day 1, the knowledge base of the employees can be built up in order to be able to present and sell the products quickly and efficiently on the market.

How was the project implemented?


1st step

In an initial discussion,
the volume for
the training requirements was defined.


2nd step

A project proposal for the implementation of the worldwide training courses was drawn up.

3rd step

The implementation was planned with a core team and a timeline was defined.

4th step

Regular test events were held during the implementation phase.

5th step

The new training courses were launched regionally with various GoLive events.

6th step

Ongoing support based on our service packages including support enables carefree training.

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