Presenting products

Introduce new products on the market more successfully

Do you have an innovative product that is difficult to sell because it takes time to explain?

Do you only have real sales success when the potential customer actually comes into contact with the product?

Thanks to the MyLiveZone infrastructure and virtualisation environment, your potential customers can get to know your product right from the first conversation and convince themselves of its benefits.
This generates trust and creates enthusiasm among customers.
We were able to set up six online training stations with a new product for an SME. Together with the customer in the MyLiveZone Academy, we worked out the unique selling points (USPs) of the product as part of a workshop and summarised them in short demo sequences.

The customer was then able to demonstrate the USPs to potential customers on the product  with real data without any installation effort.

With MyLiveZone to sales success

The customer now offers these product presentations as part of workshops in a seminar room. The participants are enthusiastic about the products, which has enabled the customer to increase its sales results tenfold.

How was the project implemented?


1st step

In an initial discussion the options were discussed in more detail using demo use cases.


2nd step

A project was defined together with the Product manager.


3rd step

The project
was launched department-wide in an onboarding workshop.

4th step

During the implementation phase, the training stations and content were set up
and tested.

5th step

The new Marketing Action Workshops were presented at a GoLive event.

6th step

Thanks to ongoing support based on our service packages, the new Action Workshops are always up to date.

Would you also like to launch a new product and set up your sales department in an optimum way right from the start?

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