Practical relevance in educational institutes

Make your educational institute stand out by means of real practical relevance

Would you like to convey the latest teaching content from the fields of IoT and Industry 4.0 to your students?

However, do you lack access to real practice cases?

Thanks to the MyLiveZone infrastructure and virtualisation environment, your students will be able to work on real systems and generate real data.

For a key player in the automation sector, we were able to implement a digital training platform for hardware and software for university and vocational training. For this purpose, we set up a cloud-based platform in cooperation with our customer, which is used for teacher and lecturer training courses as well as teaching at universities and vocational training centres.

Learn anytime and anywhere thanks to MyLiveZone

This enables teachers as well as students and undergraduates to teach and learn with hardware and software anytime and anywhere.

Teachers and students can conveniently access the virtualisation environment from home and use their training cases.

The platform can be linked directly to the school’s own laboratory facilities, which means that no additional investments are necessary.

In this way, the customer was able to set up a digital training platform quickly and easily, which ensures high-quality teaching, especially in these times of social distancing.

How was the project implemented?


1st step

In an online demonstration we will show you the possibilities that are available to you.

2nd step

Get started right away with our standard offers for schools and training companies.

3rd step

Expand the standard offers with your own training stations with our Plug and Play solution.

Would you also like to offer your students or undergraduates added value by means of real practical experience?

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