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We are your partner for the development and implementation of Virtual training courses of complex hardware and software solutions based on real, practice-related scenarios for companies and educational institutions that train their employees, customers and students in a targeted manner anytime and anywhere or for those who want to make their sales more efficient.

With access to your products by means of the MyLiveZone infrastructure and virtualisation environment, we give our customers a competitive edge.

Innovative technologies take time to explain during the sales process and the working world of the future places new demands on sustainable and efficient learning.

Save time and money
thanks to the following advantages

Plug & Play

Your systems do not have to be physically sent out. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly transport and customs clearance processes. In addition, your sales employees can travel to the customer without any effort as the system is already ready for use.

Flexibility & availability

Your training courses or product presentations can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Your
trainers, course participants or customers only need a laptop and internet access, no software has to be installed in advance. This allows appointments, workshops or training courses to be coordinated quickly and easily.

Maximum utilisation

Gone are the days of dusty laboratories and training centres. Your systems can be booked around the clock, worldwide. This increases their utilisation and therefore the cost efficiency enormously.

Savings potential

You can look forward to lower transport and travel costs. Your employees will spend less time travelling and at the same time you will improve the CO2 footprint of your company. And if you need to update your systems, you can do this centrally – quickly and cost effectively.


What is the degree of utilisation of your training facilities? How intensively and successfully did your employees complete the training? With MyLiveZone you no longer have to rely on your instinct, but rather you will receive real data based on which you can make the right decisions.

Real conditions

Your customers and employees will be working on real systems and can generate real data. This will give you an accurate overview of your products and solutions and will provide you with real and practice-relevant learning solutions.

This is how we set you on the road to success quickly:


1st step

Initial discussion and free online demonstration

2nd step

Analysis and creation of an individual solution package

3rd step

Kick-off workshop

4th step

Implementation phase according to the “Test & Learn” principle

5th step


6th step

Ongoing support based on our service packages

Our offer is divided
into the following modules:

You have the option of choosing between the S, M and L packages for each module.
Depending on your requirements and needs, we will put together the best offer for you.

Platform and services

(S, M, L)


(S, M, L, XL)


(S, M , L)


(S, M, L)

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