About us

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Thanks to more than 10 years on the market and over 200 successfully implemented projects, we have recognised that our customers do not need complex training and sales concepts but rather specific implementation

That is why we think and act like a start-up company – agile, entrepreneurial and pragmatic.

In order to offer you an efficient training or sales platform quickly, we are committed to empathy for the end user as well as our “Test & Learn” approach.

We strive to design a visualisation environment for your product as quickly as possible and then optimise it together with you and your users.

Our vision

We want to become the best global sales service for complex electronics and IT solutions, Netflix, so to say, in the area of software and hardware training.

Our goal is the easy provision of real cases for sales and training purposes, based on customer software and hardware for worldwide use.

Additionally, we also want to make markets accessible to companies and support SMEs in presenting their products to a global audience all over the world. Our brand promise is our endeavour.

Thomas Zürcher

««Today everything is available on demand with just a few clicks.
So why shouldn’t you be able to access complex systems within a few seconds?»

Founder and CEO of MyLiveZone  

Our mission

Our core strategy is the global growth of our live streaming business at home and abroad.

We continuously improve the user experience for our customers, with a focus on simplifying the provision of hardware and software, improving our user interface and expanding our streaming service to even more internet-enabled devices, while at the same time staying within the parameters of our targets for consolidated net income and profit contribution from the operating segments.

These are the people behind MyLiveZone

We make every effort each day in order to stage your products successfully.


In addition to MyLiveZone, we all share a passion for kitesurfing. And that is why you will find us all together somewhere in Europe at least once a year in search of the best kite conditions.